About Capital Preservation Services


Based in the Jackson, Mississippi area, Capital Preservation Services (CPS), LLC, works to provide clients with tax strategies and financial planning structures that have the potential to save clients substantially, depending on individual circumstances. The firm’s client base consists of high-net-worth individuals and businesses, many of whom are active professionals such as business owners, doctors, dentists, optometrists, and attorneys. Capital Preservation Services was established in 2004 by Todd Mardis, who has led its expansion to include locations in its home state as well as in Florida, Alabama, Wisconsin, and Indiana.

Mr. Mardis is also the co-author of the book Capital Crusaders: Long Term Planning to Legally Reduce Your Taxes Every Year. Co-written with Capital Preservation Services’ affiliated legal counsel Walt Dallas and published by Republic Books, Capital Crusaders packages decades of experience working to safeguard clients’ assets to reach an even broader audience. The book identifies key portions of United States tax law that offer business owners and professionals a route to achieving substantial and legal reductions in their tax bills.

Capital Preservation Services offers corporate structuring plans that can help clients achieve substantially lower tax rates, potentially in the range of 15 percent to 20 percent. For successful professionals who often face annual tax burdens in the tens of thousands of dollars, this offers them the freedom to take further advantage of CPS’ marketing expertise to establish plans to increase their name recognition and customer base. 

CPS centers its relationships on the core values of process efficiency, trustworthiness, and responsiveness to individual client needs. The firm draws on its team’s expertise to first understand each client’s situation in depth, then use that knowledge to help craft strategic plans and corporate structures that can minimize penalties accruing on earnings and assets. They then channel tax savings into marketing efforts designed to build out a client’s business and consolidate profits over time.